Stove Parts

Looking for parts?  Add a comment with your needs here.

Getting rid of a rusty Waterman stove?  Please get in touch with me regarding knobs, burner grates and other small parts.  I may be interested in purchasing them.  I would like to make them available to other stove owners.

AVAILABLE – I have two burner grates and some knobs from a retired Waterman stove.  Get in touch with me for details.


7 Responses to Stove Parts

  1. Rocio Piamonte says:

    I have a working Henry Waterman Stove No. 641 Insulted Oven 18.000 BTU

  2. Rocio Piamonte says:

    I would like to get help about price

  3. Christopher Woods says:

    Please see the VALUE section at

    There is NOTHING more that anyone can tell you!

  4. Christopher Woods says:

    Stove for sale?
    Parts of the stove for sale?

  5. Ann says:

    I have a three burner Waterman stove that works perfectly. I am very interested in selling the entire stove for your best offer. I live in Brooklyn NY. There is a picture of the exact stove on this site. It is the first picture. Please contact me.

  6. Camille Smith says:

    A friend of mine has a waterman stove photo #11 Big Bertha that works fine. He still uses it. Only has one burner grate. Would like to get a whole set of four. Can you help me?

  7. Christopher Woods says:

    I have tried (unsuccessfully) to buy Waterman parts from visitors to this site. I think it will be difficult to find the exact grates, but instead measure the one you have and look for a set of the same size that will work… Good luck!

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