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Father and Son Appliance Repair – Brooklyn

NYC repairs, and they will work on vintage appliances.  I found a number of very positive reviews online.

Belgrove Appliance – NYC area

Vintage stove restoration and repair.  They also sell vintage stoves.

Antique stoves for sale in Troy, NY. I hear they are a great resource for parts and repairs as well.  Named after the classic GE Monitor Top refrigerator.

America’s #1 source for restoring antique and vintage stoves and refrigerators from the 20’s to the 60’s.  They restore vintage stoves to like-new condition, but they are not inexpensive!  Many of their restored beauties are in the $5,ooo to $10,000 range.

Custom Ceramic Coatings, Inc.

Put new shine into your stove with a new porcelain finish. These folks talk antique stoves.

Gigi’s Hollydale Appliance

Rechroming and reporcelain service in California. I have not used their services but hear they do great work and their prices are fair.

Vermont Plating

Quality chrome and nickel plating by nice people in Rutland, Vermont.  They did some re-nickeling of a few parts of a Waterman stove from me, and I was entirely pleased.  (802) 775-5759


Montville, ME – 207-313-2644

Have never used his services. Maine’s only plating business!

Lots of parts, information and resources for the antique stove enthusiast. Give them a call; they are helpful.

A very informative web site with lots of discussion

The best website for Chambers stoves. Be sure to visit their active discussion forum.

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  1. Hey. Thanks for the great information.

  2. PaT says:

    My friend passed away recently and her husband is looking to sell their Waterman stove. It is small and from the early 1900’s Can you give a ballpark price for this?

  3. admin says:

    Somewhere in the $5 to $500 range. Sorry if that sounds like a flip answer, but so much depends on condition, condition and condition which can only be evaluated via lots of photos or an in-person assessment. Almost all old stoves need some degree of work which is expensive. Interior rust is common and not easily seen at a glance.

    There is also the small matter of visual appeal. Not all Waterman stoves are in the category of “desirable vintage appliances” like the Chambers or O’Keefe & Merritt.

    Hope this helps.

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