Single burner Waterman Giant

This single burner Waterman “Giant” counter top model turned up on eBay this week.

As you can see from the photos, the burner is divided into two parts for low and high heat. The gas apertures are right next to the stop cocks – gas technicians can adjust the diameter for either LP or natural gas.

If you ever used one of these back in the day, as in more than 50 years ago, I would be curious to hear from you as to how you used it. Summer outdoor cooking? Accessory burner in the kitchen? When camping?

Link to the eBay auction:

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Waterman Laundry Burner?

This intriguing oddity appeared on ebay recently:

I am wondering if in fact this piece is complete as it is, and was used to heat the metal plate.  Possibly for sad irons to sit on?  But one would think irons of this sort had long since gone out of use.

Per the auction information: dimensions are  12 1/2″ Long x 9 1/4″ Wide x 4 3/4″ Tall

waterman laundry burner 1


waterman laundry burner 1



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New Waterman Stove model

This Waterman stove, a model unknown to me, turned up on ebay recently in the unlikely category of cast iron cookware.  Here is a link to the auction.

The side-by-side configuration probably makes it one of their earlier products.

The photos aren’t great but you get the idea.

waterman4 waterman3 waterman2 waterman1

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Three Waterman stoves for sale

Happened to have noticed two three! Waterman stoves on ebay lately.

The first is a 3 burner model offered at $399 – you can view it here.  Too much $ IMHO

3 burner waterman stove

Second is a model previously unknown to me – with its bandy legs and basic design, I believe it to be one of Waterman’s earlier offerings.  Not sure what the center burner is for???  This could make a great outdoor or camp stove!  Priced reasonably at $70  See it here on

Waterman model 25

The third can be found here on ebay

It looks to be in decent shape and is very representative of the Waterman product…  The auction lists it as 3016-T…am thinking that is a serial #, not model #


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How tough is Japanese Knotweed?

We have been battling a clump of knotweed on our property for years. This invasive plant is tough to kill, and is easily spread by pieces of plant tissue which can remain alive even under tough conditions.

Here in New Hampshire there is a no-cut approach to containing the plant. You will see its dense green growth along the sides of many roads.

The photos below show some plants we had pulled up over 2 weeks ago which have been sitting on the barn during warm, dry weather. Without water, the stems still are quite green and still have plenty of water in them. The roots show new sprouts despite the complete absence of moisture.

Looks like it could take a month or more before these stems and roots can safely go in the compost pile.

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